Product description

The image above shows optional tachogenerator fitted. The filter shown is representative, and actual filter supplied may differ from the one shown in the image.

Power: 123kW

Speed: 2080rpm

Part Number: LSK1604VL12

Foot & Flange Mounted

Leroy Somer DC Motors are European manufactured and offer the highest quality. Transdrive are the main stocking distributor for the Leroy Somer DC motor in the UK and hold comprehensive stocks.

A Leroy Somer 2080rpm 123kW DC motor when used with a digital DC motor controller offers high performance (see our Sprint Electric range) suitable for use with extruders, paper and printing industries, passenger lifts and drives requiring high transient loading such as metal presses etc.

Variable speed Leroy Somer DC Motors are capable of high performance at low speeds and are suitable for coiler and winder operations which are sometimes required to maintain tension at standstill, with shunt wound DC Motor starting characteristics being excellent from zero speed.

Extruder applications which require high torque are a common use for Leroy Somer DC Motors and offer a cost effective solution on larger sizes compared to AC Inverter drives. Digital DC motor controllers can be 98% efficient, (see our Sprint Electric range) an important point in an ever increasing green world, offer a simple control design with low cost options of dynamic and four quadrant regenerative braking systems. DC motor speed controllers also benefit from high reliability and low maintenance and have lower power line harmonics without the use of expensive chokes.

DC Motors from Leroy Somer, available with many options including DC Tachogenerators or Encoders (Transdrive are Radio Energie Sole UK Distributor for Tachogenerators and Encoders) Force vent Units and Brakes.

Comprehensive specifications of the Leroy Somer 123kW 2080rpm DC Motor include:

  • Fully Laminated Frame
  • Motor Fitted with Flange and Feet for Mounting
  • 3-Phase Full Bridge Supply
  • PTC Thermistors
  • IP23S Protection
  • IC06 Force Vent Cooling Mounted Top
  • Polyester Filter to Force Vent
  • S1 Duty
  • Class "H" Insulation
  • 180 or 360V Field Supply
  • 40°C Ambient 1000M Above Sea Level
  • Terminal Box RHS Viewing from Shaft End
  • Motor Fitted with Provision to Fit Radio-Energie REO444 Type Tachogenerator

Due to the design of DC Motors and the ability to change the voltage on the armature via the DC drive them the same motor can give different output powers and speeds, the table below gives a guide to the range this motor can work over.

  • 260Va
  • 400Va
  • 420Va
  • 440Va
  • 460Va
  • 500Va
  • 600Va
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